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Total Produce FoodService

From Farm to Fork; Your Partner in Produce

Total Produce FoodService

Customers judge a business by the quality of its fresh produce- whether it’s on a plate or on the shelf. Choosing the right supplier makes all the difference. Total Produce is Ireland’s leading and largest fresh produce supplier because what we offer is that little bit different.

Depots on your doorstep

For a start, we have a truly national network of depots, six in all. No matter where you are on the island, there’s a Total Produce “depot on your doorstep.” We’re absolutely unique in that respect. If yours is a stand alone business, there’s a local Total Produce depot nearby with local management hungry and appreciative of your custom.

The best local growers

Because of the geographic spread of our depots, we’re best placed to source local produce from the most accomplished local growers the length and breadth of the island- minimising the time from farm to fork and contributing to the local areas in which we trade.

Our people

In Total Produce, we believe in local experts selling local produce to local customers. Our people across the country are “can-do” people, experts in the unique requirements of their local area and eager to go the extra mile to get the job done. It can make all the difference!

Our strengths!

We’re proud to be an Irish success story. From a small wholesale operation in Dundalk, we have grown into Europe’s largest fresh produce company. That’s all well and good, but what does this mean for you? Well, it means that local Total Produce depots and management are backed up by national resources in terms of Quality Assurance, Marketing and Customer Care. It also means we’re your best bet in terms of sourcing the cream of the global crop.

For those operating multi-site businesses, Total Produce can deliver a single-supplier fresh produce solution across the 32 counties, one administered centrally but operated locally.

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We operate out of 20 countries and unlike others, we’re not just importers- we have people “on the ground” in key growing regions around the world. We’re different because we’re there, caring for imported produce from seed to store. And that difference can be seen in our produce.
So local service and global reach – it’s the best of both worlds. For more information on the Total Produce Group visit

And most importantly…
Our produce!

The best produce from the best growers, grown in accordance with the best agricultural practices in the right regions at the right times. It sounds simple- but it marks us apart. The proof is in the eating!

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