Doing Business the Right Way

Corporate Social Responsibility

Few industry’s makes as positive a contribution to public health and wellbeing as the fresh produce sector. Consumer trust, however remains dependant on confidence in the supply chain and in the integrity of those from whom produce is sourced.

In Total Produce, our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility extends from seed to store. For us, CSR can be boiled down to “doing business the right way”. It’s something we have always done. We believe it’s one of the reasons we have grown.

Food Safety & Responsible Production Practices

Our first priority always is to ensure food safety. To this end, we have established Codes of Best Practice in place to which direct suppliers, local or international are required to comply. This code outlines our expectations concerning the adoption of best agricultural practices at farm level, traceability, quality assurance, worker welfare and sustainable production. Growers are routinely audited to ensure compliance- a process greatly helped by our international infrastructure.

Social Responsibility

Total Produce is Irish at heart and we recognise the importance of giving back to the communities in which we trade. We employ over 1,400 people here in Ireland, we’re the largest marketer of Irish fresh produce and we work with a network of local growers across the island. We’re also passionate about produce and the contribution it can make to a healthier Ireland. We work tirelessly to promote better diet, whether it be via our fruit promotion website, Topfruit.com, our Facebook and Twitter pages, our YouTube channel or our TOP Fruit Hub Smartphone App. We also sponsor sports events the length and breadth of the country, inextricably linked as fruit and sport are to good health, from Dundalk FC in the Airtricity League to local GAA clubs, while a Total Produce fruit promotion roadshow visits colleges, universities and schools across the island every year promoting healthy eating. Total Produce also sponsors the Incredible Edibles initiative in Irish schools which teaches primary school children how to grow their own fresh produce and pioneered the Food Dudes scheme which promotes healthy eating in primary schools across the country.

Environmental Responsibility

For a company like ours, so dependent on the fruits of the world’s most fertile growing regions, environmental conservation and sustainable production isn’t a luxury- it’s an absolute commercial necessity. We’re consequently very committed to the responsible management of fresh produce production. Total Produce is a member of GLOBALGAP, established by major food retailers and suppliers across Europe to address consumer concerns about food safety, environmental protection and worker welfare and to promote safe and sustainable agriculture. GLOBALGAP has adopted an extensive range of guidelines on these matters, resulting in the Global Good Agricultural Practice (GLOBALGAP) accreditation. This standard establishes the minimum requirements to be met by growers of fruit and vegetables that supply global retailers. All Total Produce TOP branded produce is GLOBALGAP accredited. Across the Total Produce family we’re continuously working on new initiatives to reduce the impact of our own operations on the Environment. See how we’re reducing Food Miles on Melon imports below.

Ethical Trading

In Total Produce we recognise that our commitment to producers extends to those who work on their farms. The Total Produce Group is a full member of SEDEX (The Social and Ethical Data Exchange) an international body dedicated to auditing global producers to ensure worker welfare and that ethical trading practices are adhered to.

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