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Alan Taylor

Alan is a Turnip grower, based in Dublin. Find out more by taking a virtual video tour of the farm.

Me and my farm

My brother Mark and I are third generation farmers and we have been growing produce here in North County Dublin for as long as we can remember! We started off growing cereals, potatoes and a variety of vegetables but we now specialise in two main crops – turnips and broccoli

Mark and I have our own separate roles on the farm, I am responsible for planning the planting and harvesting of the crop and Mark looks after packing the produce and delivering it out to our customers. We harvest turnips twice a week in order to ensure that our turnips are as fresh as possible.

Once harvested, the produce arrives into the pack-house where it is chilled, washed, trimmed and readied for dispatch. Our aim is to get the produce in and out to the customer as quickly as we can.

In 2010, we trialled growing turnips under netting and this has made a huge difference to the growing of the crop. As a result, the positive dividend has been in producing a more consistent crop when it reaches maturity.

I take pride in growing turnips and every day brings a new challenge but I guess, that’s what makes it interesting!

My Testimonial

Working with Total Produce is great for our business. It is reassuring for us to have a partner like them who we can rely on to promote our produce. We work together in rain or shine to deliver the best produce we can to our customers.