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Cahal Lenehan

Cahal is a Cabbage and Sprouts grower, based in Meath. Find out more by taking a virtual video tour of the farm.

Me and my farm

My father started farming in Meath sixty years ago.

In the last fifteen years, my brother and I have concentrated on growing a smaller range of crops, so the business has therefore become more specialised. We now grow a range of cabbages: York, Brown Cabbage and Savoy. In sprout season we also grow a crop of sprouts for the Christmas period.

We would classify ourselves as professional Brassica growers and we take pride in growing our crops from the seed stage right through until the day they are harvested.

We’re one of few growers in Ireland who are propagating our own plants. The seeds are germinated and grown to a plant stage in a polythene tunnel before they are planted in the field.

We’ve been doing this for over thirty years now and we’ve learned a lot about how to grow the best produce we can, from a tiny seed right through until they end up on your plate. It’s nearly like they are part of our family, so I guess it’s lucky I love cabbage!

My Testimonial

My family and I have a long standing relationship with Total Produce and we have been supplying them for over 15 years. It is reassuring for us to have a reliable partner like them who are committed to supporting the Irish grower.