Say Hi to

Denis Harford

Denis is a Cauliflower and Leek grower, based in Dublin. Find out more by taking a virtual video tour of the farm.

Me and my farm

It truly is a family business here at G.D. L Harford. I’m one of three brothers who are involved in the business. Ger looks after the logistics, Lorcan’s role involves planning the planting and the harvesting of the crops and I’m the Operations Manager. We are all third generation farmers so it’s something which we have all grown up with and loved.

We grow 200 acres of vegetables – mainly cauliflower, broccoli, leeks, spinach, beetroot and celeriac. Good soil is key to a good crop, so before we plant any of our crops we test the soil to see what nutrients it contains.

We then add any nutrients to the soil that it is lacking in, in order to ensure our crops get all the nutrients they require. After all, a happy crop is a healthy crop and as a farmer, there is no better feeling than to produce a good quality crop that people enjoy eating.

I’m very proud of the produce we grow and we work endlessly to ensure we provide our customers with the freshest produce we can, as quick as we can, from the field to your plate. That’s about as fresh as it gets!

My Testimonial

Working with Total Produce is very beneficial for our business. Having a partner like them allows us to continuously plan ahead. We can focus on the production of the crop, which in turn leads to a better quality product for our customers.