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Martin Flynn

Martin is a Pepper grower, based in Dublin. Take a video tour of the farm below

Me and my farm

Growing fresh produce is in the family!

My grandfather was a market gardener and my father then took over and started growing tomatoes. I saw an opportunity to start growing peppers in Ireland, so I built this purpose built greenhouse and it all took off from there.

We grow four varieties of peppers, sweet pointed peppers, yellow, green and our most popular variety is red, which accounts for 60% of the operation. The plants arrive in January and we continue to grow them until November, starting the harvesting process in April. Pepper plants love lots of light, high humidity and high temperatures.

We adjust the conditions in the greenhouse accordingly, in order to provide the plants with the optimal conditions to grow. I’m continuously improving and evolving my business in order to grow the best peppers I can.

I take great pride in showcasing local produce and there’s a market for peppers in Ireland. Local produce is fresher and after all, we are only 20 minutes from Dublin City Centre!

My Testimonial

I’ve been working with Total Produce for 20 years. We need continuity and a weekly production/delivery schedule, which we get working with Total Produce. This allows us to grow the best produce we can!