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Robert Rowe

Robert is a Carrot grower, based in Wexford. Find out more by taking a virtual video tour of the farm

Me and my farm

I’m Operations Manager here at South East Veg.

Carrots are the main crop we specialise in and we have been growing carrots in New Ross, since 1999. The company has grown hugely over the last fifteen years and we now employ over twenty-five people.

The biggest challenge we face with growing carrots is getting the ground conditions right as the weather plays a big factor in our growing season. In order to protect the crop from the elements we cover our early season carrots under plastic. This helps to keep the soil temperature warmer which aids in the growing process.

Once the carrots are harvested, they must be washed, cleaned, graded and hydro cooled before they are ready to be packed and dispatched. We use the latest technology, machinery and know-how, to ensure that our produce is handled with the greatest care and attention before it is sent out to our customers.

After all, the proof is in the eating and our aim is to grow and produce the best crop we can so that our customers enjoy it as much as we do!

My Testimonial

Having a reliable partner like Total Produce allows us to focus on the production of the crop. We appreciate the marketing and agronomic support that Total Produce provides, which leads to a better quality product for our customers.