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Tom O’ Hanlon

Tom is a Herb grower, based in Wicklow. Find out more by taking a virtual video tour of the farm.

What We Look For

Growing fresh produce in Ireland isn’t for the faint hearted! It’s a vocation. It requires enormous dedication and a real commitment to the cause.

At Total Produce, we only work with the very, very best. We look for growers who share our passion for fresh fruit and vegetables, those who bring a pride to their produce and a “can do” attitude to the service they provide. Above all, we look for growers absolutely determined that their produce be the cream of the crop.

After over 125 years of trading here at home, we’re very lucky to have long standing relationships with the country’s most accomplished growers. We think it’s a mutually beneficial relationship. We benefit greatly from their expertise and commitment. They benefit from the Agronomic, Commercial and Marketing support we provide. It’s a win: win for local growers and local customers alike.

In addition to this network of established growers, we’re always keen to work with the next generation of progressive producers. Before we start working together potential suppliers are assessed to ensure they conform to our production standards and meet and exceed our exacting product specifications. New suppliers, like our existing supply base are routinely audited. Our technical team visits the farm and carries out an audit based on the following criteria:

  • Facilities- The facilities/farm where the produce is grown must be of a sufficient standard to guarantee the produce will meet and exceed the quality standards we and our customers expect. All growing areas must be clean, free from foreign bodies, and be of sufficient scale to sustainably produce the quantity of product required.

  • Track Record- The experience and track record of the grower is extremely important. Their knowledge of growing the crop is critically important in identifying and addressing any potential issues that might arise during the season which could potential impact on quality or supply.

  • New Product Development- We work closely with tried and trusted growers with a view to developing new product lines. Expanding the selection of local products available and extending availability is very important to us here in Total Produce.

  • Corporate Social Responsibility- The procurement of ethical and sustainable farmed produce is a priority for Total Produce in selecting growers both at home and internationally. All our growers have ethical farming policies in place and provide safe proper working conditions for their employees. We work closely with the growers to ensure they are adopting sustainable production practices.

  • Accreditation- All our Irish growers must be third party accredited by Bord Bia. Growers must adhere to the Bord Bia Horticulture standard which give us and our customers confidence that the product is grown in a manner that will ensure it is of excellent quality and adheres to relevant European food safety legislation.

At Total Produce, we recognise that Quality Assurance and selecting the best Growers represents our competitive advantage. Our business stands or falls on the basis of the quality of the produce we sell. There is simply nothing more important to us.

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