Protecting your Produce from Seed to Store

Our Quality

There’s nothing more important in fresh produce than Quality Assurance. Our produce stands or falls on our customers perception and more importantly, their experience of its quality- we know that. And there’s no room for compromise.

Quality Assurance nowadays covers many different things; Legal requirements, including food safety regulations, customer preferences, like taste and shelf-life and increasingly CSR issues, focusing on production practices and social responsibility. In Total Produce we understand that quality is our responsibility, alone. It’s our job to absolutely ensure that its one less thing for our customers to worry about. And we know what that entails- guaranteeing that produce is grown to the most exacting international standards, that it is produced precisely to agreed specifications, that it arrives at our customers back door in pristine condition, and that it meets and exceeds our customer and their customer’s expectations.


At Source

Our company is structured to ensure that we can make that guarantee. You can’t make a silk purse out of a sows ear, they say, so for us it begins at source; across the world and across the country. We’re different because we’re there- in 20 countries and 32 counties, influencing production right across the supply chain, from farm to fork; picking the best growers, working with them to ensure best agricultural practices are employed and providing agronomic support.

Local Quality Control

Here at home, Total Produce has thorough Quality Control processes and protocols in place at in-take, product processing and dispatch to ensure produce is of excellent quality. Resources are employed both centrally by our group Technical function and across our local depots to ensure that the best possible standards are in place to deliver the best possible fresh produce. View “A Day In The Life” of our Technical Manager, Oliver Kiernan below.


Total Produce only works with the most accomplished global and local growers and requires Best In Class accreditation. Total Produce is a member of GLOBALGAP established by major food retailers and their suppliers across Europe to address consumer concerns about food safety, environmental protection and worker welfare and to promote safe and sustainable agriculture. GLOBALGAP has adopted an extensive range of guidelines on these matters, resulting in the Global Good Agricultural Practice (GLOBALGAP) accreditation, which is required of all our internationally sourced produce. At home, the Bord Bia Quality mark is required on all local produce. Total Produce is also a member of SEDEX, the Social and Ethical Data Exchange initiative.

Our People

In Total Produce, we believe in local experts selling local produce to local customers. Our people across the country are “can-do” people, experts in the unique requirements of their local area and eager to go the extra mile to get the job done. It can make all the difference!